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Google’s annual Black Friday campaign has been bolstered by its latest initiative, “Black-Owned Friday”. This program aims to highlight and support the growth of Black-owned businesses and products, encouraging shoppers to buy from smaller, local brands.

Now in its fourth year, “Black-Owned Friday” is a partnership between Google and the U.S. Black Chambers, Inc. The goal is to channel some of the spending during Black Friday towards Black-owned and operated businesses.

The program includes a dedicated mini-site featuring products from Black-owned businesses, along with a new music video from actor Keke Palmer. Additionally, there’s a search tool specifically designed to help customers find local Black-owned businesses and tips for these brands to maximize their seasonal promotions.

Google’s initiative seeks to provide more targeted focus for smaller brands within the big-name rush of Black Friday, potentially expanding the reach and sales potential of Black-owned organizations. This move is an important step towards supporting and celebrating Black-owned businesses and products during the holiday shopping season.

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