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South Korea, host of Summit, emphasizes need for global cooperation on AI technology

The South Korean science and information technology minister emphasized the importance of global cooperation for the successful development of AI at a summit on the technology held in Seoul. The summit, co-hosted with Britain, addressed issues such as job security, copyright, and inequality.

Minister Lee Jong-Ho stated that cooperation is not just an option but a necessity, highlighting the need for collaboration in shaping discussions around AI safety, innovation, and inclusivity. Sixteen tech companies signed an agreement to develop AI safely, while a separate pledge was made by 14 companies to use methods like watermarking to identify AI-generated content and ensure job creation and support for vulnerable groups.

Officials discussed the cooperation between state-backed AI safety institutes to help regulate the technology, with experts emphasizing the importance of enforcing rules and setting obligatory safety standards for AI services before they hit the market. AI experts stressed the need for companies to prioritize safety over profit, ensuring that AI systems meet safety standards to prevent potential harm and public backlash.

South Korean science minister Lee acknowledged that laws often lag behind technological advancements like AI but emphasized the importance of having flexible laws and regulations in place for the safe use of AI by the public. The next summit is expected to focus on greater collaboration on AI safety institutes, building on the progress made at the Seoul summit and the previous global AI summit in Britain.

By Samantha Jones

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