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NBA player Jason Williams recently shared a disturbing story on the Flagrant podcast about how rookies on the Memphis Grizzlies team were treated. According to him, former Croatian national team player Gordan Giricek was subjected to an outrageous prank by his teammates. After training, Giricek was made to put his clothes into a large laundry container. Instead of washing them, Williams claims that his teammates threw them out and then tied Giricek’s hands and feet before putting him naked in the container filled with ice and water.

However, Giricek has vehemently denied these allegations in an interview with Večernji, stating that they were fabricated. He expressed his disappointment at being portrayed as someone who would allow such treatment and threatened legal action against Williams for spreading lies and tarnishing his name. Despite this, Giricek acknowledged that rookies were often subjected to pranks and jokes during their time with the team. However, he emphasized that there was a limit to such behavior, especially in a team with a real leader like Marc Gasol or Mike Conley Jr.

Giricek also noted that while it was common for rookies to carry items or bring donuts during team presentations, there was a clear boundary when it came to personal items like deodorants or perfumes. He concluded by wishing Williams good luck and emphasizing the importance of fairness and accuracy in storytelling.

In conclusion, while it is important for athletes to have fun and bond with their teammates, it is also crucial not to cross any boundaries or take things too far. The treatment of Giricek seems extreme and unacceptable, and we hope that other teams take note of this incident to prevent similar situations from happening in the future.

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