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45 American Families with a Net Worth Exceeding $10 Billion, Waltons Surpass Elon Musk in Wealth

According to Forbes, there are 45 American families with a net worth of at least $10 billion, with the wealthiest family being wealthier than Elon Musk. The heirs of Walmart founder Sam Walton own approximately 45% of the retail giant, making their combined net worth $267 billion as of January 16. This new ranking of decabillionaire families shows that this figure exceeds Elon Musk’s net worth of about $202 billion. Together, the 45 super rich families have an estimated total net worth of roughly $1.3 trillion, which is about ten times that of Warren Buffett’s personal fortune.

The Mars family is the second wealthiest to the Waltons, possessing a fortune of $117 billion. Other well-known families such as Koch, Lauder, Hearst, and Marriott are also listed. Prominent names like Carnegie, Vanderbilt, and Getty have been omitted from the rankings for reasons including stock-price performance, legal disputes, taxes on stock sales, and charitable giving. The descendants of John D. Rockefeller barely made Forbes’ list with a fortune of $10.3 billion due to various factors such as poor stock-price performance and taxes on stock sales.

To build vast generational wealth, it appears that creating a lasting business is key regardless of whether it’s kept in the family or sold to others. Some families built their fortunes by establishing large private companies such as Cargill-MacMillan with over $60 billion in ownership of Cargill while others maintain ownership stakes in public companies they helped build like Dorrance with nearly 40%

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