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States are intensifying their examination of health mergers and acquisitions

In recent years, Optum, a subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group, has acquired numerous physician practices and has been affiliated with over 90,000 providers in the US. This makes up nearly 10% of all physicians in the country. While most of these acquisitions have occurred with little public attention, a recent purchase in Oregon has drawn significant scrutiny from state regulators. This trend is becoming more common in the healthcare industry as states are advocating for more oversight in healthcare mergers and acquisitions.

Oregon is leading the way in this regard as it already has some of the most stringent health care market oversight laws in the country. Other states such as Illinois, Minnesota, and New York have followed suit and approved similar oversight programs. As a result, deals in these states are now being subjected to increased scrutiny. Additionally, five more states including Vermont, Washington, Pennsylvania, Indiana and New Mexico are currently considering legislation to begin or expand their own oversight programs. This reflects a growing trend of increased scrutiny and regulation of healthcare industry mergers and acquisitions.

Optum’s recent purchase in Oregon has sparked concerns among state regulators about the potential impact on healthcare access and affordability. They fear that large-scale mergers could lead to higher prices for patients and reduced competition among providers. As a result, they are closely monitoring the acquisition to ensure that it does not violate any antitrust laws or regulations related to patient privacy or data security. Other states are also taking similar steps to protect their residents from potential harm caused by large-scale mergers within the healthcare industry.

In conclusion, while Optum’s massive growth over the years has been largely unnoticed by the public eye until recently, this trend towards increased scrutiny is likely to become more common across all sectors of society as governments seek greater control over industries that have a significant impact on people’s lives.

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