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Houston-based World Emblem commemorates its 30th anniversary in business

In 1993, World Emblem began as a small shop in New Jersey. Today, the company has grown to become the world’s largest patch and emblem manufacturer with nine locations worldwide and over 1,000 employees. Their manufacturing center is located in northwest Houston, where they produce an average of 250 million emblems and custom products annually.

World Emblem’s Chief Operating Officer, Jim Kozel, emphasized that the company’s minimum order quantity is just one, making them able to fulfill orders ranging from a single garment to 10,000 garments. This flexibility has attracted high-profile clients such as the NFL, Levi’s, New Era, and Perry Ellis.

The company’s focus on customization has allowed them to offer a wide range of embroidered products tailored to suit each client’s unique needs. Kozel highlighted their ability to work with some of the biggest name brands in the industry and showcased a diverse portfolio of customized products.

For more information about World Emblem and their services, visit their website to explore the range of custom products and solutions they offer.

By Samantha Jones

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