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Local business faces a series of unfortunate events

Shawarmar Middle Eastern Cuisine is a small shop located in the heart of Kansas City. Owned by Abeer Jari, the restaurant has been serving flavors from her hometown in Saudi Arabia to the local community for six years now.

The recent accident that hit their sign and building on Christmas Eve has put them in a tough spot. Despite these challenges, Jari remains determined to keep her dream alive. She and her husband run the business together, with him working in the kitchen while also holding down a full-time engineering job.

The ongoing construction in the area has also impacted their customer traffic, with many people mistaking the broken sign for being closed. To help cover the repair costs, Jari’s husband started a GoFundMe campaign. However, Jari encourages people to support the business by trying their food and experiencing the flavors of Middle Eastern cuisine.

Jari is passionate about continuing to provide quality food and service to the community and hopes to see Shawarmar thrive for many years to come. Despite the current difficulties, she remains optimistic and determined to keep Shawarmar operating. The community’s support will play a crucial role in helping Shawarmar navigate these challenging times and continue serving delicious Middle Eastern dishes.

By Samantha Jones

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