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Tre’Davious White signs one-year deal with Los Angeles Rams

The NFL has recently introduced a new rule banning the hip-drop tackle, which has caused controversy among players. Safid Deen from USA Today discusses this contentious rule change at the NFL’s annual league meeting.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Rams have strengthened their defense following Aaron Donald’s retirement by signing veteran cornerback Tre’Davious White to a one-year deal worth up to $10 million. White, who was recently released by the Buffalo Bills, is widely considered one of the top free agents available this offseason.

White, a two-time Pro Bowler, brings significant experience and talent to the Rams’ defense. However, concerns about his durability arise as he has struggled with injuries in recent seasons. Despite this, the Rams are optimistic that White will make a considerable impact on their secondary, joining players such as Kamren Curl and Darious Williams in their efforts to enhance their defensive capabilities.

The addition of White to the Rams’ defense is viewed as a low-risk, high-reward move. Although questions about his durability persist, the Rams are confident in their decision to bring in the veteran cornerback to fortify their defensive lineup.

By Samantha Jones

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