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Pet Business Owner Happy After Downsizing

In “My Economy,” a series by Marketplace, individuals share their unique stories of navigating the new economic landscape. These narratives offer insights into the challenges and triumphs faced by people from different backgrounds in their quest to make a living.

One such story is that of Judy Nunez, who has always had a passion for animals. In 2012, she took the plunge and opened her pet business, Tails on Trails, in Jersey City, New Jersey. Nunez’s journey to entrepreneurship was spurred by a need to find work that accommodated her physical limitations following injuries that made it impossible for her to sit for extended periods. After conducting a Google search, she stumbled upon the idea of dog walking and found an outlet to combine her love for animals with her need for physical activity.

Although Tails on Trails has been successful for over a decade, the business faced significant changes during the pandemic. Prior to COVID-19, Nunez employed 26 people; however, due to the pandemic, this number decreased to between four and six employees depending on the season. Despite this downsizing, Nunez remains optimistic about the future of her business and notes that having a smaller team allows for easier management and growth opportunities.

If you have your own economic story you’d like to share with others navigate today’s economic realities then you can do so through a form provided by “My Economy.” Your story may be featured in an upcoming edition of “My Economy,” providing valuable insights into diverse experiences of individuals facing today’s economic challenges.

By Samantha Jones

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