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Aid workers are pulling out of Gaza

The ongoing conflict in Gaza has led to a halt in operations for the World Central Kitchen (WCK) as they withdrew following accusations of collaboration with Hamas. In response to the attack on Israel’s border towns, WCK began delivering food aid to residents in the Gaza Strip. However, due to security risks and challenges in accessing aid, many other organizations are also reconsidering their operations in the region. The civilian population in the Gaza Strip faces numerous obstacles when it comes to obtaining essential supplies, including supply convoy control by Hamas and armed gangs seizing deliveries. These issues have resulted in panic and deaths during aid distributions, and the high prices of goods in local markets make them unaffordable for many refugees.

In addition, 200,000 people are facing difficulties accessing aid deliveries due to ongoing fighting between Hamas and Israel. Despite plans for a new sea route with US assistance, a tragic incident halted WCK’s efforts. It is possible that Israel’s army may need to open additional delivery routes to address the urgent need for aid in the region.

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