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Small Business of the Month: Friar Tuck’s Barbershop receives prestigious award

Friar Tuck’s Barbershop, owned by Kylee Howell, has been serving the Helper community since its doors opened in 2021. The barbershop quickly gained popularity in the Carbon County Corridor thanks to their “hot towel” treatment and welcoming atmosphere. In late 2023, Kaylee Muree joined Howell at Friar Tuck’s and together they have been actively involved in community service. Before Muree’s arrival, the duo participated in a community event organized by the Helper Clinic, offering free haircuts to those in need.

The “Small Business of the Month” initiative was launched by Driggs Mortgage Team in January of the current year. The goal is to recognize and support local businesses in Carbon County that demonstrate exceptional customer service, community involvement, and a commitment to their community. Selected businesses receive lunch, Driggs swag, and promotional efforts at no cost to them. Driggs Mortgage Team promotes the selected business through local radio stations and social media platforms, providing all necessary resources for a successful recognition event.

For May 2023, Friar Tuck’s Barbershop was honored as the “Small Business of the Month” by Driggs Mortgage Team. Owner Kylee Howell and her team were treated to a delicious lunch of Cuban sandwiches prepared by Becky Driggs, along with promotional materials and media coverage to celebrate their achievement.

By Samantha Jones

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