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Sports tourism is a diverse and dynamic industry that offers a range of experiences for travelers. From attending a weekend tournament to flying with sports equipment or cheering on your hometown team during an away game, there are countless ways to enjoy this form of tourism. Behind the scenes, cities and states invest billions of dollars in attracting events and fans to their towns, with both big cities and small markets competing for thousands of events each year.

Recent research by Sports Business Journal has identified four markets that are under the radar when it comes to winning event bids and providing a major league experience. These four markets include Salem, Virginia, Houston, Texas, Greensboro, North Carolina, and Louisville, Kentucky. Despite being overlooked by industry insiders, these markets offer unique opportunities for sports tourism enthusiasts.

The City of Salem in Virginia is set to host its 100th NCAA championship, making it an exciting destination for sports fans looking for a major league experience. In Houston, recent event wins have helped boost the city’s growing tourism market. Greensboro lives up to its reputation as “Tournament Town” by hosting a variety of events throughout the year. Meanwhile, Louisville is seeing an increase in events coinciding with upgraded venues, making it an attractive destination for sports tourism enthusiasts.

Cities and states are investing heavily in sports tourism infrastructure to attract major events and visitors. For example, South Carolina has struck a deal with the PGA Tour that aims to bring more visitors to the state and put them on course for a major sports event. This highlights the importance of major events in driving economic growth in cities and states across the country.

Overall, sports tourism is an important aspect of economic development for many cities and states across the country. Whether you’re looking for a weekend tournament or a major league experience

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