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The aggressive election campaign between candidate Sergio Massa and ultra-liberal populist Javier Milei has taken a dangerous turn. Five people have been accused of threatening the Massa family, and three men and a woman were arrested. A teenager was also arrested in Salta for threatening to kill the 17-year-old son of presidential candidate Massa on Instagram.

The race between Massa and Milei is neck-and-neck, with Milei causing a stir with his populist slogans and anarcho-capitalist views. His opponents accused him of standing for a “dictatorship,” leading to boos at an opera performance where he was performing. Meanwhile, the threats against the Massa family have led to legal investigation and personal protection orders.

In other news, there are numerous links to criminal attorney directories scattered throughout the content. This raises concerns about potential conflicts of interest or connections to organized crime. It is crucial that these links are thoroughly investigated to ensure transparency and fairness in the election process.

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