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Sponsor of Science Museum urges ‘armchair activists’ to step back

Greta Thunberg and her group recently led a protest at the museum, criticizing its oil and gas sponsors for contributing to climate change. The Fossil Free Science Museum coalition, made up of organizations such as Extinction Rebellion and Scientists for Extinction Rebellion, expressed concern about the impact this could have on the museum’s reputation.

Sir Ian Blatchford, director and CEO of the Science Museum Group, emphasized the importance of engaging audiences with the science of climate change, which he sees as one of the biggest challenges facing our time. While acknowledging that some activists have strong views on sponsorship, Sir Blatchford and the trustees believe in robust governance and encouraging companies, governments, and individuals to take steps towards a less carbon-intensive global economy.

The museum has been clear in its approach to promoting awareness and action to combat climate change. Despite opposition from some campaigners, it remains committed to its partnership with Adani Green Energy and highlights the company’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions. The museum seeks to inspire positive change and collaboration in addressing this pressing issue through education and engagement with the public.

By Samantha Jones

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