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L’Jarius Sneed: My knee is perfectly fine

Cornerback L’Jarius Sneed has been a valuable member of the Kansas City Chiefs for the past two seasons, missing only one game during that time while putting up impressive statistics on the field. However, Sneed’s health came into question during his first press conference as a member of the Tennessee Titans. Despite being traded to the Titans and signing a new four-year contract, concerns were raised about reports of knee issues.

Sneed quickly dismissed these concerns, stating that there is “nothing wrong with my knee.” He emphasized that he has played through previous problems and is confident in his ability to perform at a high level. Sneed’s reassurance put the Titans at ease and they are optimistic that he will continue to excel and contribute to the team’s success in the future.

During his time with the Chiefs, Sneed accumulated 220 tackles, five interceptions, 30 passes defensed, 3.5 sacks, four forced fumbles, and two fumble recoveries. These impressive stats indicate that he has been a key player on the field and has not been hindered by any health issues. With his focus on playing to the best of his abilities and helping the Titans achieve their goals, Sneed is ready to make a positive impact in Nashville.

By Samantha Jones

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