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Biden denounces Florida’s abortion ban at six weeks

In a major blow to women’s reproductive rights, the Supreme Court of Florida has issued a ban on abortions after the sixth week of pregnancy. President Joe Biden strongly condemned this decision, stating that it will make crucial medical care even more difficult to access for millions of women in the state and across the South. He called the decision “outrageous” and expressed concern over the impact it will have on women’s reproductive rights.

The Florida Supreme Court has cleared the way for stricter abortion regulations, with Governor Ron DeSantis issuing a ban on abortions after the sixth week to go into effect in 30 days. This timeline will significantly shorten the window in which abortions are allowed in the state up to the 15th week of pregnancy, making it difficult for women to even realize they are pregnant before the ban takes effect.

In addition to tightening abortion rights, the Florida Supreme Court also allowed for a vote on abortion rights in November, giving residents the opportunity to decide whether to add an amendment to the constitution guaranteeing the right to abortion. This comes amidst a nationwide debate over abortion rights following the US Supreme Court’s controversial decision to overturn the landmark ruling in Roe v. Wade.

Conservatives have been pushing for more restrictions on abortion, with about 20 states now having banned or restricted access to

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