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EU’s Kai Mykkänen on EU’s 2040 climate goal: “This will be a challenging journey”

Finland has expressed reservations about accepting the European Union’s 90 percent net emission reduction target. The environment ministers of EU member states met in Brussels to discuss the Union’s 2040 climate goal, which was proposed by the EU Commission in February. The goal is to achieve a 90 percent net emission reduction from the levels recorded in 1990, with a focus on both emission reductions and carbon removal.

The Minister of Environment and Climate Kai Mykkänen emphasized the importance of proceeding technology-neutrally and accepting nuclear power as a clean energy source. Additionally, incentives for technical carbon sequestration at the EU level should be put in place. Mykkänen acknowledged that achieving the emission reductions in Finland would require a significant transition in industry, with a focus on green technologies in sectors like steel and refinery. Carbon dioxide recovery in forest industry units was also highlighted as an important aspect of meeting emission reduction goals.

Finland believes that technical sinks can help achieve a net reduction increase of more than five million tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Despite uncertainties in the land use sector and challenges in defining clean energy sources, Finland remains optimistic about reaching the 2040 climate goal through cost-effective emission reductions and transitioning towards cleaner technologies.

By Samantha Jones

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