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Waldo becomes a central hub for women-owned businesses

In the south Kansas City neighborhood of Waldo, there are almost 30 women-owned businesses. Female business owners along Wornall and surrounding streets feel a sense of celebration and collaboration rather than competition among each other. The close proximity of these businesses has fostered a supportive community of women supporting each other.

One such woman-owned business is Ampersand Studio, co-owned by Morgan Georgie. Georgie expressed gratitude for the welcoming environment in Waldo and the opportunity to connect with other female entrepreneurs. The collaboration of businesses in the area has led to mutual benefits, such as increased sales and exposure for both parties involved.

SOAP Refill Station owner, Ann Dezort, highlighted the strength and resilience of female business owners in the neighborhood, emphasizing the equal capability of women in running successful businesses. The presence of women-owned businesses in Waldo serves as a representation of the determination and entrepreneurial spirit of women.

Hemma Hemma, a newly opened cafeteria-style restaurant in the area, also joins the thriving community of women-owned businesses. Owner Ashley Bare was pleasantly surprised to find herself surrounded by other female entrepreneurs in the neighborhood, and she looks forward to further fostering a supportive environment for business owners.

Georgie, Kiefer, Deutschort, and Bare shared valuable advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, emphasizing the importance of saying yes to new opportunities, seeking support from others, and prioritizing a human-centered approach in business dealings. The collaborative and supportive atmosphere among women-owned businesses in Waldo serves as a testament to the power of community and shared goals.

The female entrepreneurs in Waldo have built strong relationships with each other through their shared experiences and challenges. They understand that building a successful business requires hard work, dedication

By Samantha Jones

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