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A lion at Greenville Zoo succumbs to health problems

Greenville Zoo officials announced the passing of one of their beloved African Lions, Saied, at the age of 15. The lion had been undergoing treatment for degenerative joint disease and a spinal neurological issue, but recent testing revealed that his conditions had worsened significantly, impacting his quality of life. After much discussion among zoo staff, the difficult decision was made to euthanize him humanely.

Saied and his brother Chuma arrived at the Greenville Zoo from Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia in 2010. Saied was known as the dominant male of the pair, and now visitors will have to monitor Chuma as he adjusts to life without his brother. Plans are being made for a memorial event to honor Saied, and visitors can expect updates from the zoo on its progress.

The Greenville Zoo expressed their deepest condolences over the loss of Saied, a cherished member of their zoo community. They thanked visitors for their understanding during this difficult time and encouraged them to continue supporting animal welfare efforts at the zoo. Stay tuned for more information on how you can pay tribute to this remarkable lion’s memory.

By Samantha Jones

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