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I received a nice view of Wrigley Field from BCB reader PACubsfan1, who also sent me a photo from Nationals Park. The Cubs player in the photo was wearing No. 3, which led me to investigate further. After some sleuthing, I discovered that only one team wears gray uniforms with numbers like that: the Red Sox.

The Red Sox first visited Wrigley Field in 2005, but the player wearing No. 3 at the time was Jeromy Burnitz, who did not play first base for the team. Their next visit was in 2012 and it was Jeff Baker who wore No. 3 for the Cubs and started 20 games for them at first base during that season.

I used my knowledge of Cubs history to narrow down the possible game and found out that Jeff Samardzija started against Boston on Saturday, June 16, 2016, making it easy to identify which game Baker played in. The batter was unmistakable as well – it was David Ortiz – and by watching the video of that game I determined it was his second at-bat of the game where he doubled off Samardzija.

It’s always great to revisit little slices of Cubs history and this one reminds me of how close they were to winning in 2016 before ultimately falling short in Game 7 of the World Series against Cleveland.

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