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New Technology to Assist Blind Individuals Experience the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse Through Hearing and Touch

On Monday, April 8th, North America will be treated to a total solar eclipse. This celestial event is expected to be even better than the one that occurred seven years ago, providing viewers with an incredible sight. At its maximum, those in the right place will experience totality, where light from the Sun is completely blotted out except for that of the corona for nearly four and a half minutes.

For those who are visually impaired or blind, the LightSound device offers an opportunity to experience this event. Designed and developed in collaboration between Harvard astronomer Allyson Bieryla and Wanda Díaz-Merced, an astronomer who is blind, this device uses sound to allow individuals to experience the eclipse through audio cues. The sensor on the LightSound device emits high-pitch musical tones under normal light, which gradually drop as the Moon blocks the Sun’s light.

The LightSound Project is open source and provides downloadable DIY instructions in English, Spanish, and French on how to build your own device. The goal of this project was to build over 750 devices in conjunction with other institutions by April 2024. Several listening events are planned for Monday, April 8th from Colombia to Canada, providing an opportunity for people to experience the eclipse together.

Overall, this total solar eclipse presents an exciting opportunity for people across North America to witness a magnificent celestial event. Whether viewing it in person or experiencing it through innovative technology like the LightSound device

By Samantha Jones

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