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Princess Diana was a beloved member of the British royal family, and despite her tragic death over 26 years ago, she remains in the hearts of many people around the world. Charles and Diana’s marriage was notoriously unhappy, with their public fight during a pheasant hunt marking the beginning of their tumultuous relationship. In that unhappy marriage, they both cheated on each other.

On June 29, 1994, Charles admitted to marital infidelity in a television documentary without mentioning the name of the woman he had committed adultery with. However, it was Princess Diana’s interview with Martin Bashir on November 20, 1995 that ultimately marked the end of their marriage. Filmed in her sitting room at Kensington Palace, the interview made history for its candid nature as Diana revealed intimate details about royal life, her own infidelity and struggles with postpartum depression and bulimia. During the interview, she also admitted that her marriage with Charles was over. “There were three of us in this marriage,” she said, referring to Charles’ secret relationship with Camilla Parker-Bowles. The interview was conducted in complete secrecy and equipment was smuggled into Kensington Palace.

Tragically, Diana passed away just two years after that fateful interview in a car accident. Meanwhile, James L. Haven and Charles Hettrick patented their invention of the children’s toy we now know as the yo-yo on November 20th ,1866 . It was originally called ‘Whirligig’, while the word yo-yo itself comes from the Philippines . On November 20th ,1923 , Garrett Morgan received a patent for his invention of a three-command traffic sign which became known as modern traffic light . His invention wasn’t

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