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The Sarmat missile, also known as the RS-18M, is expected to enter operational alert in the next month. This missile, which has been boasted about by Russia as an “unstoppable” weapon, is believed to be designed to hit targets in the West by flying through the poles.

According to reports, the missile’s speed is expected to be almost 25,000 km/h and its range is 18,000 kilometers. It is also reported that it will be as tall as a 14-story building. This makes it one of the most powerful and deadly weapons in Russia’s arsenal.

The Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced last month that the defense establishment should soon finish equipping the army with this new system. He said that only administrative procedures remain before the missile becomes fully operational. In recent years, Putin has emphasized that this missile’s design work has been completed and it will replace Vayboda missile which has been in service since the 1980s. The Vayboda missile was tested no less than 17 times during the Cold War before entering operational service.

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