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Everton “will barely scrape by” to avoid relegation – Walcott

Theo Walcott, former Everton winger, is confident that the team will be able to stay in the Premier League despite facing further sanctions for breaking financial rules. Despite not winning any of their last 13 league matches, Walcott believes that Everton will have enough to survive.

Speaking on the BBC’s Planet Premier League podcast, Walcott expressed concern that the ongoing uncertainty about a potential points deduction was affecting the team’s performances. He emphasized the importance of staying focused on the pitch and avoiding distractions caused by off-field issues.

Walcott highlighted the significance of Everton remaining in the Premier League, especially with the construction of a new stadium on the horizon. He acknowledged that relegation battles are challenging but remained optimistic about Everton’s chances of survival. With experienced players in the squad who have been through similar situations before, Walcott believes that Everton will be prepared to fight until the end.

To hear more insight from Walcott and other guests discussing Premier League football, listeners can tune in on BBC Sounds for a full podcast episode.

By Samantha Jones

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