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Epstein Becker Green Expands Health Care & Life Sciences Practice Area

Epstein Becker Green announced on Wednesday that three new members have joined the firm as part of its health care and life sciences practice in San Francisco. These new additions include Raja Sékaran, John Puente, and Melissa Borrelli.

Sékaran is a seasoned lawyer who previously worked as senior counsel in the Office of Inspector General for HHS. He specializes in representing various health care entities such as health care delivery systems, medical groups, independent practice associations, health plans, hospitals, private equity investors, and California’s private insurance exchange for small-group employers.

Puente brings extensive experience to the team having served as deputy director and chief counsel of the California Department of Health Care Services, general counsel for the Medical Board of California, and deputy director at the firm. With his wealth of knowledge and expertise in healthcare law, he will be an asset to the team.

Together with Puente and Borrelli, Sékaran will work to enhance the firm’s health care and life sciences practice in San Francisco. Their combined skills and experience will bring a fresh perspective to the team’s approach to healthcare law, helping clients navigate complex regulations and issues facing the industry today.

By Samantha Jones

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