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San Diego City offers flood recovery funds to small businesses and nonprofits

Small businesses and nonprofits in San Diego that were affected by the Jan. 22 flood are eligible to apply for emergency funds. The application window will be open until Feb. 27, and the Emergency Response and Resilience Grant has a budget of $370,000. This grant can provide up to $2,500 for small businesses and $5,000 for small businesses and nonprofits in low-income areas.

To qualify for the grant, business owners must demonstrate how they were impacted by the storm and must have a business tax certificate on file with the city. Only businesses with 12 or fewer employees are eligible for the grant. In order to receive reimbursement for expenses related to storm recovery, business owners should keep track of all expenses not covered by insurance, employee wages, and insurance deductibles.

The city advises business owners to apply for the Emergency Response and Resilience Grant before the Feb. 27 deadline in order to access these emergency funds. This grant aims to provide financial assistance to small businesses and nonprofits that suffered damages and losses during the Jan. 22 flood. Interested parties should carefully review the eligibility requirements and submit their application as soon as possible to take advantage of this valuable opportunity.

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