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Wall Street sees mixed trend as Intel drops 7%

The financial market is constantly changing, with a wide range of information available to traders. At 16:30 on Wall Street, the Nasdaq saw a slight decline of 0.4%, while the S&P 500 and Dow Jones trading were relatively stable. In an interview with CNBC, Rafael Bostic, President of the Atlanta Fed, predicted that interest rate cuts in the US may begin later this year due to strong economic growth, recovering supply chains, and a strong labor market. He expects the first cut to happen in late 2024.

In the US, employment data showed that private sector jobs increased by about 185 thousand in March compared to February. Workers’ wages also rose by 5.1% annually. Meanwhile, Gilat received an order of more than $5 million from the US Department of Defense and recently reported other orders totaling $30 million. In Europe, inflation decreased in March to 2.4%, below expectations, with core inflation falling from 3.1% to 2.9%. European stock markets were mixed, while Asian markets saw slight declines in some indices. Gold prices reached record highs due to increased demand for solar panels and other factors prompting speculation about silver prices also rising significantly in the near future.

Several companies provided updates on their performances recently, including Intel reporting an operational loss in its production division and Disney shareholders voting on board changes at their annual meeting. Tesla reported declining car deliveries in Q1 due to global supply chain disruptions caused by Covid-19 pandemic and geopolitical tensions affecting oil prices which surged to six-month highs as supply disruptions continued and geopolitical tensions intensified causing concerns about energy security for many countries around the world

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