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EU Commission launches probe into Apple, Google, and Meta with potential for substantial fines

The European Commission has launched an investigation into American technology giants Apple, Alphabet’s Google, and Meta Platforms to determine if they have violated the EU’s digital market regulation. The probe was initiated following the recent enforcement of the digital market act on March 7, which aims to tackle the dominance of major technology companies in the digital market and promote competition and consumer choice.

Under scrutiny are Google Play and Apple’s App Store, as well as Google’s search engine practices and Apple’s browser preferences. Additionally, Meta’s payment models for Instagram and Facebook will also be examined. This marks the first investigation under the new EU regulation, which allows authorities to impose fines of up to ten percent of a company’s global turnover for non-compliance.

European Commissioner Margrethe Vestager stated that the companies’ practices do not fully comply with the Digital Market Act. Meanwhile, Commissioner Thierry Breton emphasized that the investigations should not come as a surprise to the companies. Meta and Google have stated their commitment to complying with the regulation, while Apple has defended its operating methods.

Beyond this investigation, the EU Commission plans to examine other aspects of the companies’ practices to ensure fair competition in the digital market. Despite their responses, it remains clear that enforcing these regulations outlined in the Digital Market Act is a priority for the commission.

By Samantha Jones

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