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The EU should assist Eastern Finland, as per logical reasoning

In Eastern Finland, companies are driven by a strong desire and faith in their abilities. However, the region is facing challenges due to the deteriorating situation of Finland’s public finances. The impact of the Russian war of aggression has hit Eastern Finland hard, especially with the complete closure of the Russian border.

In response to these challenges, the Finnish Confederation of Business and Industry (EK) has put forward a list of recommendations to stimulate economic growth and vitality in Eastern Finland. Chairman of the EC, Harry Broman, suggests that Eastern Finland be designated as a special economic zone to promote business activities and accelerate economic growth in the region.

The proposed special economic zone aims to create a healthy growing economy in Eastern Finland, which will contribute to the overall GDP of the country. To achieve this goal, investments in energy, green transition, improved air connections, tourism, broadband infrastructure, and support for growth of companies are all part of the plan.

Broman emphasizes the seriousness of the situation in Eastern Finland and highlights

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