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Chiefs narrow the gap to 10-3 against before halftime: Super Bowl LVIII live updates and scores

The game between the 49ers and Chiefs is currently in full swing, with both teams showcasing their impressive defensive skills. As of the halfway point, the 49ers are leading by a slim margin of 10-3, with neither team having scored any points yet.

One of the most significant moments of the game so far took place at 8:20a ET, as Patrick Mahomes demonstrated his experience in high-pressure situations. However, despite this momentary excitement, the focus remains on defense as both teams continue to battle it out for supremacy.

At 7:52a ET, another exciting moment occurred when the 49ers locked down the Chiefs and showed off their defensive prowess with a trick play touchdown. This added some excitement to an otherwise low-scoring game so far.

Throughout the matchup, there have been multiple intriguing moments that have kept viewers on edge. One such moment happened at 7:37a ET when Travis Kelce let out some heated emotions on live TV. Additionally, Brock Purdy got off to a strong start at 7:25a ET.

The live coverage of this intense defensive showdown began at 4:31p ET and continues to captivate audiences around the world.

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