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The world’s first Dragon Ball Z theme park is being constructed in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia recently announced plans to build the first-ever Dragon Ball Z theme park as part of their Qiddiya project, a massive entertainment venue located in Riyadh. The 5.3 million square foot park will feature seven different areas inspired by the original Japanese anime television series, including over 30 themed rides, hotels, and restaurants.

One of the most exciting features of the park is the five “world first” rides, including a 230-foot-high roller coaster named Shenron after the series’ magical dragon. This new addition to the kingdom’s tourism industry is set to attract millions of visitors annually, helping Saudi Arabia diversify its economy away from oil dependence as outlined in their Vision 2030 project.

The announcement has sparked excitement among fans and gamers alike who are eager to experience the latest version of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot at Gamescom 2019 in Cologne, Germany. The popular game attracted a lot of attention from attendees who were impressed by its exciting new features and innovative gameplay mechanics.

Saudi Arabia’s investment in video games and anime has also been on the rise, with collaborations between Japan-based Toei Animation and MiSK resulting in new anime movies being produced. Additionally, the Saudi Public Investment Fund has shown interest in these industries, further boosting growth opportunities for these sectors within the kingdom.

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