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Marko Pjaca, a 28-year-old Croatian player, was thrilled to be included in the national team for the matches against Latvia and Armenia a month ago. Although many people expected Marc Pašalić to be called and Pjaca to only have a chance of being included in the list, he expressed his readiness and excitement for the call-up. However, his happiness was short-lived as he felt muscle pain and had to stay behind to recover for the next match. Soon after, he was ruled out of competing in the next match as well.

Pjaca opened up about his career, saying that he believes everything happens for a reason. He reflected on his injuries and how he tried not to focus too much on them but rather on recovery and moving forward. He also talked about watching the matches on TV and how he keeps the silver medal from the 2018 World Championship in a special place at home.

Throughout his career, Pjaca has struggled with injuries and has had difficulty playing a consistent string of games. Despite these setbacks, he remains determined to make a full recovery and continue his career. He is grateful for the opportunities he has had and is hopeful to return to competition soon.

In conclusion, Marko Pjaca’s inclusion in the Croatian national team brought him great joy but was short-lived due to an injury. Nevertheless, Pjaca remains optimistic about his future prospects and is determined to overcome his challenges through hard work and dedication.

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