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Chesapeake Technology purchases a company that specializes in communication and autonomy products.

Chesapeake Technology International (CTI), a leading defense technology integrator, recently acquired Assymetric Technologies, a company that specializes in products for edge communications and flight autonomy programs in the defense and national security sectors. This acquisition is part of CTI’s efforts to expand its portfolio of capabilities in technology transition and system interoperability.

Assymetric Technologies was founded in 2011 and is known for its expertise in open source software, flight control, and waveform technology. CTI plans to integrate Assymetric’s IronClad and Whisper systems into its existing offerings for the military’s unmanned system requirements. This move is seen as a way to enhance CTI’s ability to provide comprehensive software and purpose-built hardware products and solutions to its customers.

Jay Moorman, the CEO of CTI, expressed his excitement about the acquisition and stated that it aligns with the company’s strategy to invest in addressing evolving national security needs. CTI is supported by Bluestone Investment Partners, which acquired a majority ownership of the defense technology integrator in 2021. Bluestone Investment Partners also facilitated the purchase of Rapid Imaging Technologies prior to the acquisition of Assymetric Technologies.

The terms of the transaction were not disclosed when it was announced on Thursday. However, it is clear that this acquisition will help CTI expand its capabilities and better serve its customers in the defense and national security sectors. With Assymetric’s expertise in open source software, flight control, and waveform technology, CTI can now offer more comprehensive solutions that meet the evolving needs of its clients.

By Samantha Jones

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