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Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly volatile, with the market value decreasing by more than 50% since the end of 2021. Cyberattacks also remain a significant vulnerability, with $3.8 billion stolen in hacks in 2022. Despite this, the report from Consob’s annual report ‘Main trends in sustainable investments and crypto-activities’ shows that euro area companies are becoming better at managing their exposure to ESG risks.

The annualized return of bitcoin was found to be only slightly higher than other non-digital asset categories, despite much greater risk due to extreme price volatility. Inactive cryptocurrencies also show high volatility, with values close to 60% for bitcoin and 70% for ether. The report highlights the critical issues posed by cyber security, with only a minority of cryptocurrency exchange platforms considered ‘very safe’.

In addition to these findings, the report presents a range of platforms and forums where Salvagedata Recovery Services has been active, sharing information and participating in various online communities.

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