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Tonight at 8:45 PM, Croatia will face Armenia in the final round of qualification for the European Championship. This crucial game can secure their place in Germany, and fans are eager to support the national team despite anticipated bad weather.

To celebrate the occasion, HNS has organized a rich program leading up to the match, including a fan zone outside the stadium where popular musicians Mate Bulić and Tiho Orlić will perform. The fan zone will be open from 5:00 p.m., providing visitors with an exciting pre-game experience.

However, to ensure safety during the event, special security measures and traffic regulations will be enforced at the stadium and surrounding areas. The police will be present to prevent illegal behavior and protect all citizens’ safety.

Upon entering Maksimir stadium, detailed security measures will be implemented to prevent prohibited items and funds from being introduced by visitors. It is essential that fans arrive early to avoid any delays or inconvenience. The gates will open at 6:45 p.m., providing ample time for visitors to enter the stadium without any issues.

Several parking areas around the stadium have been temporarily closed to traffic to avoid congestion and facilitate smooth access for public transport users. Therefore, it is advisable that visitors use public transport instead of driving to avoid any inconvenience or delays during their journey to the stadium.

It is crucial that all attendees follow guidelines and respect instructions provided by police officers throughout the match’s duration. Additionally, racist and discriminatory behavior must be avoided at all times during this event or any other public gathering related to football matches.

Finally, it is important that fans understand that audio and video recording of this event may take place by Croatian Football Association and Zagreb Police Department officials before, during, or after the football match for operational purposes only.

Overall, tonight’s game between Croatia and Armenia promises excitement and tension as both teams strive for victory in front of thousands of cheering spectators at Maksimir Stadium.

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