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On a recent day, 20,000 enthusiastic fans gathered at Maksimir stadium in Croatia to witness the final match of their national football team against Armenia in the qualifiers for Euro 2024. However, one fan stood out from the rest – Rafael Beserra, a Brazilian who is an ardent supporter of the “fire”!

Beserra’s passion for football was ignited when he met his idol Luka Modrić during the League of Nations in Rotterdam. From there on, he made it his mission to visit Croatia and become a part of its vibrant football culture. He received an invitation from the Croatian Tourist Board and moved to Zagreb, where he studies Croatian and lives out his dream.

When asked about his experience at Maksimir stadium, Beserra couldn’t contain his excitement. “Zagreb is a wonderful city,” he said. “I’m watching the national team in Croatia for the first time, and I’m very happy. I’ve never been to Maksimir.”

In addition to being an avid fan, Beserra is also fluent in Croatian and has been posting about his language studies on social media. During an interview with us, he shared his predictions for the upcoming match against Armenia. “I think it will be 3-0,” he said confidently. “And who will be the scorers? Modrić, Ivanušec, and Majer!”

But what sets Beserra apart from other fans is his dedication to the national team. In fact, he has already purchased tickets for Euro 2024 in Germany! “I will definitely go,” he said proudly. “I bought the tickets.”

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