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SeenThis utilizes Scope3 to simulate the emissions of its advertising technology

Scope3, a collaborative sustainability platform, has partnered with SeenThis, an adaptive streaming specialist, to provide users with the option to select SeenThis formats and view their emissions directly on the Scope3 UI. SeenThis has developed their solution using streaming technology, allowing them to optimize for less data and lower emissions.

Gabi Kay, Head of Product for Creative and Production at Scope3, emphasized the importance of having detailed emissions data in the advertising supply chain. This includes understanding the unique emissions associated with the various ad formats available in the market. Kay stated that after working closely with partners like SeenThis, Scope3 has refined a model for emissions at the ad format level. This allows users to easily compare how SeenThis’ player can lead to lower carbon emissions compared to conventional players.

SeenThis expressed excitement about contributing to the Scope3 platform to help create a more sustainable advertising ecosystem. The company has collaborated with Scope3 to offer advertisers the benefits of both solutions and looks forward to working with global media buyers interested in selecting partners that can measurably reduce emissions. CEO Jesper Benon highlighted Scope3 as a valuable partner and expressed eagerness to continue collaborating to help advertisers reduce emissions in their campaigns.

With this new feature update, Scope3’s latest feature includes modeling for ad formats, demonstrating that SeenThis technology can result in reduced emissions for advertisers compared to traditional technology. At a global level, SeenThis provides streaming ad technology that optimizes creatives and delivery.

By Samantha Jones

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