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Croatia’s national soccer team is headed to Germany for the Euro 2020 tournament, where they will represent the values of Croatia: patriotism, togetherness, love, and faith. The team is feeling proud and relieved after their qualification, which was a tough match that tested their limits. Zlatko Dalić, the head coach of the team, was happy about their success but also grateful for the challenges they faced during October.

The team had some difficulties in scoring goals in this match, but they showed character and resilience throughout. Budimir and Sosa were brought back into the lineup after their impressive performances in the World Cup. Marc Pašalić is also being praised for his performance and potential as a future star for the team.

One of the biggest challenges for Croatia is to improve their efficiency on offense and create more chances on target. They have been criticized for not taking enough shots or crossing well in previous matches. To prepare for Germany, they have seven months of peace to work on these areas and improve their overall game strategy.

Oleksandr Petrakov, Armenia’s head coach, praised Croatia’s strength and talent on his team’s official website after their qualification match against Armenia: “We played against a very strong team that has been one of Europe’s top teams for many years now.”

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