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Impact of Winter Weather on Minnesota’s Tourism and Economy

The tourism industry in Minnesota is a major economic force, bringing in $22.8 billion annually and attracting outdoor enthusiasts to every corner of the state. But what happens when the snow and ice that make winter activities possible don’t show up due to warmer weather?

As experts in the field of tourism, Xinyi Qian, director of the University of Minnesota Tourism Center, and Brigid Tuck, senior economic impact analyst with University of Minnesota Extension, can provide valuable insights into how climate change may affect this industry. Both researchers conduct applied research on a variety of topics related to travel and tourism, including visitor behaviors, active transportation, and outdoor recreation.

Qian’s research focuses on understanding how visitors interact with different aspects of tourism destinations, such as accommodations, transportation options, and attractions. Meanwhile, Tuck’s work involves analyzing the economic impact of tourism on communities throughout Minnesota. Her reports cover numerous sectors of the economy and can offer valuable perspectives on how changes in weather patterns may affect this important industry.

Both experts are available to discuss the potential impact of climate change on Minnesota’s tourism industry and provide insights into related topics such as visitor spending, economic ripples through communities, and policy implications. Their expertise can offer valuable perspectives for journalists and media outlets reporting on this important issue.

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