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Clear Creek Recreation Center is Clearing Out Sports Equipment

The Clear Creek Metropolitan Recreation Center in Idaho Springs held a “gear drive” on March 29, featuring a wide range of sports equipment such as tennis rackets, baseball gloves, and hockey gear. The event allowed residents to make a $10 donation towards rec center programs and events in exchange for their choice of items scattered across tables and the floor.

The newly hired Youth Sports Director, Cameron Pehrson, organized the event in hopes of benefiting the community and providing resources for those in need. Pehrson, a former college baseball player, felt that the job at the rec center allowed him to give back to kids in the same way he wished he had when he was younger.

Many of the items available at the gear drive were donated to the rec center or left behind at the end of a season. Local sports stores also contributed by donating brand new gear to the event. As residents entered the event, they were met with a variety of equipment that was quickly snatched up by eager parents and children.

One resident, Joey Sullivan, went above and beyond by donating his $10 and allowing the next child to enter the event to take whatever they wanted for free. Sullivan’s act of kindness served as a reminder of the importance of giving back to the community and helping those in need.

By Samantha Jones

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