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The mayor of Clark, New Jersey, Salvator Bonaccorso, is currently facing criminal charges after an investigation into allegations of racial slurs and witness tampering. According to Attorney General Matthew Platkin, Bonaccorso is accused of using his township office to run a landscaping and illegal tank removal business, as well as falsifying records. The charges also include fraudulently using an engineer’s name and signature on permit applications.

Platkin stated that the investigation into Bonaccorso was spurred by another investigation into the police department and its chief. Allegations were made about racist comments made by the mayor in relation to Black individuals. Despite this, officials from Clark Township and the mayor’s residence declined to comment on the charges.

Debbie Flanagan, a Clark resident, called for Bonaccorso’s resignation following the charges being announced. However, other residents praised the mayor for his work before they were announced. Platkin did not provide further details about the police department investigation or the alleged disproportionately high arrest rate for Black individuals.

Additionally, Platkin recommended changes for the police department and called for the resignation or firing of its chief. As only the mayor can make such decisions, it remains to be seen if these recommendations will be acted upon.

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