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Opposition poised to win city parliaments in Istanbul and Ankara

In the aftermath of Turkey’s recent mayoral election, the center-left CHP party is poised to make another triumph in Istanbul and Ankara city parliaments. Preliminary results suggest that the CHP has surpassed the Islamic conservative AKP as the dominant force in both chambers, a fact confirmed by a member of the electoral authority.

The CHP had previously won mayoral positions in both cities during the 2019 local elections but fell short of securing a majority in their respective city parliaments. Despite this setback, Ekrem Imamoğlu and Mansur Yavas, the mayors of Istanbul and Ankara respectively, continued to face hindrances in their efforts to implement their agendas due to opposition from the majority of the AKP-controlled city parliaments.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had previously referred to these two politicians as “lame ducks,” but their latest victory is a clear indication that they have gained significant support from voters. The changing political landscape could lead to more autonomy for these municipalities, allowing them to implement their policies without interference from a majority opposition.

In Istanbul, Imamoğlu faced challenges in obtaining loans for his projects and delays in construction due to opposition from the city parliament. Meanwhile, Yavas accused the parliament of impeding his efforts to expand a sewage treatment plant in Ankara. Both politicians also blamed the central government for politically motivated blockades, citing delays in approval of metro projects and cuts in funding for municipalities.

The loss of control over city parliaments marks a significant shift in power dynamics for both Istanbul and Ankara. This change could have far-reaching implications for governance and development in these cities moving forward.

By Samantha Jones

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