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Taiwan criticizes China for accepting global attention on earthquake, calls them ‘shameless’

A 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck eastern Taiwan, killing 10 people. In response to the disaster, China’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the U.N., Geng Shuang, brought up the quake in a meeting about children’s rights. Geng’s comments caused anger in Taipei as China claims Taiwan as its own territory and has no say in how Taiwan chooses its leaders.

Taiwan’s foreign ministry condemned China as “shameless” for using the earthquake to conduct cognitive operations internationally. Despite this, China expressed concern for the damage in Taiwan and offered condolences and aid, thanking the international community for their sympathy. However, Taiwan’s government had already thanked governments and leaders for their messages of concern and support, including the United States, despite the lack of diplomatic ties.

The ministry says that China’s actions show no goodwill towards Taiwan, using the earthquake as a means of psychological warfare. This behavior highlights the strained relations between the two countries, with Taiwan asserting its independence and China claiming it as a part of its territory.

By Samantha Jones

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