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The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago unexpectedly shut down on Wednesday for maintenance.

The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago has announced that it will be closed on Wednesday for unplanned maintenance. The specific details of the maintenance were not disclosed in the announcement made to the media and posted on the museum’s website. Visitors who purchased advance tickets will be refunded or can reschedule their visit by calling 773-684-1414.

The museum is scheduled to reopen for normal hours on Thursday. Currently, the MSI is hosting several exciting exhibitions, including “007 Science: Inventing the World of James Bond,” which focuses on the science and technology behind the iconic movie franchise. Visitors can also experience “The Blue Paradox,” an exhibit that explores the impacts of plastic pollution in the ocean. Additionally, the Black Creativity Juried Art Exhibition, hosted annually since 1970, will be on display until April 21.

For those interested in films, the Giant Dome Theater is showing several immersive experiences until May 17. Visitors can explore and learn about science and technology through various exhibits and displays with movies such as “Dark Universe,” “Michael Jordan to the Max,” and “Tornado Alley.”

By Samantha Jones

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