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The Arts & Science Council (ASC) has announced Monifa Drayton as its interim president following the resignation of Krista Terrell in August. Drayton will assume her role in December and will serve until the organization’s board conducts a national search for its next permanent leader.

Drayton, with over 20 years of executive and strategic leadership experience, brings a wealth of valuable skills to the organization. In a statement, she expressed her excitement to join the team and continue the work of Krista Terrell. She reiterated the importance of supporting diverse creatives and small businesses in a rapidly growing city like Charlotte.

Prior to joining ASC, Drayton served as the principal consultant for the Drayton Leadership Group and has over two decades of leadership experience with Atrium Health. In addition to her work at ASC, she also serves as the chair of the Mecklenburg Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, overseeing a sizable budget and social impact strategies.

ASC Board Chair Tony Perez is confident that Drayton’s background and passion for the arts make her an ideal candidate to guide the organization through this transitional period. He believes that her experience will help ensure that ASC continues its important work to support the cultural sector.

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