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Lay’s and Pepsi return to Carrefour shelves after three-month absence

Carrefour has reached an agreement with PepsiCo to once again make their products available on their shelves in France and Belgium. The American food group’s brands such as Lay’s, Doritos, and Pepsi were temporarily removed from Carrefour stores in several countries including France, Belgium, Spain, and Italy due to a price dispute at the beginning of January. However, the dispute has now been resolved and PepsiCo products have returned to Carrefour stores.

The agreement was confirmed by Alexandre de Palmas, director of Carrefour in France, who posted a photo on social media holding a bottle of Pepsi between the store shelves. The French supermarket chain stated that the agreement was reached in the interest of the customer. In addition to the news about PepsiCo products returning to Carrefour shelves, there is also information provided about various topics such as choosing the perfect shower mixer, bathroom mirror, water softener system, handmade ceramic mugs, safe storage of valuables, key boxes, fashion advice, gift ideas for men and more. Whether it’s fashion tips or home improvement ideas or gift suggestions this diverse content offers a range of practical and interesting information for readers.

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