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Lineman’s journey to health leads to newfound appreciation for football

In the 2023 season, Bryce Goodner, a standout offensive lineman for the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, was unable to participate due to a serious health concern. This issue was diagnosed at the start of preseason camp in the summer, and Goodner missed the entire season as he battled this condition.

Despite his absence, Goodner’s impact was felt on the team. He had been a key player for UTC in 2022 but had to take a step back in 2023 due to his health condition. His presence was sorely missed by the team, and his absence was felt throughout the season. However, his health was the top priority, and he fought to overcome this obstacle with determination and spirit.

Goodner’s absence was noticeable during the Mocs’ 2023 schedule when he couldn’t participate due to his health concerns. Despite not being able to showcase his skills on the field, Goodner’s impact on the team remained evident as he played an important role off-the-field.

Goodner’s experience serves as a reminder that health is always a top priority. Even though missing a season is difficult for any athlete, it can be especially challenging for someone who is just starting their college career like Bryce Goodner. However, with dedication and hard work, anyone can overcome any obstacle that comes their way.

In conclusion, while Bryce Goodner may have missed out on playing during the 2023 season due to his serious health concern, he did not let that stop him from making an impact on UTC’s football program. He played an important role off-the-field and will continue to be an asset as he recovers from his illness.

By Samantha Jones

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