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Common Diagnosis of Bridge Phobia Recognized by Mental Health Expert

The recent collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore has caused fear for many individuals who suffer from gephyrophobia, a diagnosis for people who are afraid of crossing bridges. Witnessing such an event can trigger confirmation anxiety, where one’s worst fear is confirmed before their eyes. According to mental health therapist Jay Powell, coping mechanisms like focusing on a local point or listening to music can help manage symptoms like nausea or dizziness.

In Jacksonville, residents expressed their feelings about traveling across bridges in the city. Neil Weinreb expressed a sense of anxiety going over high bridges like the Dames Point Bridge, while Bernard Tebo raised concerns about maritime traffic potentially hitting bridges. Despite these fears, most believe that the bridges in Jacksonville are well-inspected and reasonably safe for travel. However, the recent bridge collapse in Baltimore has heightened the fear of experiencing one for some individuals who suffer from gephyrophobia.

By Samantha Jones

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