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Impact of Federal Funding on Women’s Health Care at Tampa Bay Hospitals

In March, the Biden Administration signed an executive order to allocate more funds for women’s health research, a major step towards improving healthcare for women in the Tampa Bay area. For years, women’s health has been under-researched and underfunded, resulting in gaps in knowledge and treatment options.

Dr. Megan Tyrone, the Chief Medical Officer at St. Joseph’s Women’s and Children’s Hospital, expressed her excitement about the $12 billion in federal funding that will have a tremendous impact on women’s health. Dr. Daniela Crousillat, Director of the Women’s Heart Program at the University of South Florida and Tampa General Hospital, highlighted the underrepresentation of women in clinical trials, particularly in cardiology research.

The lack of inclusion in studies has led to incomplete treatment options for many women despite heart disease being the leading cause of death among them. Both doctors believe that this new funding will enable researchers to delve deeper into understanding how diseases affect women and ultimately lead to better prevention, diagnosis, and treatment options.

Although progress takes time in the realm of research, both doctors are hopeful that with this increased funding there will be significant advancements in women’s health in the years to come. The focus on studying various diseases that disproportionately affect women will likely lead to more tailored approaches to healthcare for women in the future.

By Samantha Jones

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