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British Initiative: Iron Swords for the Post-War Reconstruction in Gaza

Saudi Arabia is set to normalize relations with Israel within the framework of agreements, according to a document presented by British Foreign Minister David Cameron in a meeting with his Omani counterpart in January. The document aims to provide Palestinians with a future perspective and establish a Palestinian state, with Saudi Arabia providing real security guarantees to Israel.

To achieve this goal, the document calls for the departure of terrorist leaders from the Strip and the dismantling of terror instruments in Gaza. However, there are concerns about the reality on the ground as these measures may be difficult to implement due to resistance from various factions.

The document also proposes the establishment of a “contact group” on the Gaza issue, which includes key countries such as the US, UK, key EU countries, Arab countries, the Gulf, and Turkey. This group aims to find a peaceful solution to the ongoing conflict in Gaza and ensure that Palestinians have access to basic human rights and services.

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